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Trophy Fish Field Care Tips & Techniques

The need to kill your fish to get the most realistic mount is a thing of the PAST!

All you need is:
Length measurements from the tip of the bottom jaw to the tip of the tail
Girth measurements from the fattest part of the fish or the fishes weight if the girth girth measurements can't be provided
Pictures of the fish fresh out of the water because that's when the colors are the best

With just these few things combined with my unique style of fish taxidermy that fish can be released to be caught another day.
  1. Never cut the fish in ANY way
  2. Don't let your fish flop around. Doing so could result in scale loss and fin damage
  3. Keep your fish in ICE WATER until you are able to freeze it
  4. Lay the fins down and wrap your fish in a wet towel
  5. Place the fish in an AIR TIGHT plastic bag and keep in a freezer
  6. It is best to take several photos immediately upon catching your trophy fish if possible. As the fish dies, the vibrant and realistic colors can fade fast.
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