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Catching that fish of a lifetime doesn't happen everyday, so why waste your trophy and money on a poor quality, unnatural-looking mount when you can have a high quality, lifelike fresh-out-of-the-water look for your fish?

Skin Mounts - All fish are mounted using hand-carved forms, not commercial bodies, to provide anatomically accurate fish mounts. For cold water fish, the head is replaced by a custom-molded head in my studio.

Reproduction Mounts - I offer quality, highly-detailed saltwater and freshwater reproductions. Through my unique style of applying color, I create a natural, lifelike, fresh-out-of-the-water look. Using a quality reproduction is essential in order to create a realistic finished product. The reproductions of the past cannot compare to the realism of today's reproductions, but unfortunately there are still many reproduction companies out there that still use these poor-quality, unnatural reproductions. I have access to thousands of species of high quality reproductions. Some of what I use are seen below.

Information Needed

Length ( bottom jaw to tip of tail )
Girth ( fattest part of the fish )
Live photo

Custom Reproduction - You can have your actual fish custom molded into a fiberglass reproduction. Ask for details.


Shipping is priced by the, size of the job. All shipments are fully insured and any damages need to be reported immediately so a claim can be reported.
Florida residents can receive free shipping on most orders.
I will personally deliver large orders to your house or business.
Guaranteed Fast Turnaround Times
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